Evidence-Based Policy Analysis & Development

We help businesses and organizations navigate the public policy landscape armed with compelling data and sound research. We specialize in quantifying and articulating the full costs and benefits of proposed legislation in a clear, credible manner.

Research-Driven Organizational Strategy

We help leaders develop effective organizational priorities and strategies informed by rigorous research and analysis. We help you determine which of your organization's programs are effective and why. We support strategic planning initiatives with data collection, analysis, and research.

Economic, Demographic & Market Trend Analysis

We help leaders understand the economic, demographic, and social forces impacting their mission, and empower them to channel those forces to their advantage. We help you harness external forces to achieve internal goals.

Custom Data Analysis


Whether its mining proprietary data, assessing the impact of a proposed law, or analyzing market trends, we help you leverage the vast amount of data available to today's leaders.

Additional Products

  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Fiscal Impact Assessments
  • Industry Impact Assessments
  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Economic Trend Analysis
  • Survey Design & Analysis
  • Public Policy White Papers
  • Housing Market Studies



I can attest firsthand to the integrity, professionalism, and talent that Michael and Kate bring to their work.
— Dana Connors, President, Maine Chamber of Commerce
The kind of evidence-based research and analysis that Michael and Kate provide is exactly what Maine leaders need to make well-informed decisions.
— John Dorrer, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
As Governor, I relied on Kate and Michael to provide my administration with high quality, timely, and objective public policy recommendations.
— The Honorable John E. Baldacci (D), Maine Governor, 2003-2011
I have known Michael LeVert for years and know that 45 North will be a source of credible, researched, and unbiased strategies to help our businesses and economy grow.
— Senator Roger Katz (R), Assistant Leader, Maine Senate Republicans, 2013-2014
Mike and Kate know how to turn solid research and clear communication into sound policy. They can put that knowledge to work for you.
— Frank O’Hara and Charles Lawton, Planning Decisions, Inc.