Guide on How to Write a Research Paper Fast

Research papers require extensive research and meticulous editing to properly express various ideas within your research paper chapters and to bring out your overall argument without ambiguity. Owing to the length of research papers, you may find it challenging to handle your paper if you are allowed a short time to submit your paper. 

Is it possible to write a quality last-minute research paper? In the course of my study, I had to handle tons of assignments with some coming to my attention a few days before the due date. Here, we’ll discuss tips on how to write a research paper quickly without compromising the quality of your paper.

How long does it take to write a research paper

Research paper writing is a time-demanding commitment that often takes between a month and a year to complete. The duration for writing your essay is usually dictated by the complexity of your topic and the research methods employed to investigate your claims.

When planning for your paper, consult your tutor and the research paper guidelines to establish the due date. Also, determine your topic and sketch a time plan detailing the activities you will perform to complete your paper. 

How to write a research paper fast: tips

Besides procrastination, factors including but not limited to a conflicting work-study schedule may impair your capacity to focus on a research paper. Some of the tips on how to write fast include:

  1. Chunk your writing process

Approaching your study as a mammoth paper may seem a daunting task and inspire procrastination. As such, the first step to writing your paper is to break down the writing process into sections.

This will also allow you to schedule the time for each section, ensuring the timely completion of your paper. 

  1. Prepare an outline

Although writing an outline may seem like a luxury when you are battling the deadline, a detailed outline may prove advantageous, helping you overcome any confusion as you write your essay.

Additionally, an outline allows you to gauge the completion of your research before you dive in, ensuring a quality end product. Ideally, the outline should follow your research and sort out your arguments as they will appear in your paper. 

  1. Seek help

We understand the urge to handle each aspect of your research paper, to ensure the paper’s quality. However, donning the DIY hat as you face a fast-approaching deadline may be counterintuitive to your goal of a quality paper. 

Ideally, delegate various tasks to focus your attention on vital portions including research and writing. for instance, seek help with editing and assign each chapter for editing as you work on the next. Having prepared an outline, your editor will be able to fix various errors in your paper, ensuring that you communicate the intended meaning. 

  1. Make use of various writing tools

Pressure to write a quality paper and a fast-approaching deadline are major ingredients in the recipe for a poor-quality paper. A quick way to overcome these pressures is by making use of various tools at your disposal.

Besides keeping track of your sources and preparing references in your preferred style, tools can help you in editing and paraphrasing. This allows you to ensure proper acknowledgment of sources used within your paper and to quickly manage various aspects of writing your research paper.

  1. Take breaks

Working for many hours on end without taking breaks may seem like a decent plan to complete your paper in time. Unfortunately, long sessions may diminish your focus, resulting in compromised productivity in your writing sessions.

It is thus best that you employ the Pomodoro technique to avoid exhaustion, making the most of each writing session. 

Can you write a research paper in a day?

At times, you may fall victim to procrastination and get forced to write your research paper in a day. Although we do not recommend that you wait for the last day to write your paper, here are some tips on how to write a research paper in a day:

  • Prepare an outline of your work for easy writing after your research.
  • Select a simple topic that you are familiar with to avoid complications during research.
  • Reach out to an editing expert for assistance along the way.
  • Take breaks and employ rewards for various milestones to gain the motivation to write your paper. 
  • Prepare a reference list as you go or use a referencing tool to keep track of all the sources you have cited in your paper.
  • Write your introduction last when you have a better grasp of your arguments, avoiding confusion and misrepresentation of ideas within your paper.
  • If you are stuck, skip the chapter and come back to it later.